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Therapeutic Lifestyle Change

Behavioral Change and Challenges

You know there are important behavioral changes you need to make to support your overall health and wellbeing. Perhaps you’ve known this for a while and, for whatever reason, you can’t seem to start or stay consistent. Maybe you were only recently made aware of how important it is to make these changes; you may have been encouraged by your primary care physician or other healthcare provider to develop a healthier lifestyle. 


You might recognize that you have an unhealthy relationship with food, don’t exercise as often or as consistently as you’d like, and have a difficult time maintaining a consistent sleep-wake schedule. Even if you’re doing well in all of these areas, you might feel chronically stressed and find it difficult to relax. It might be hard to recall what you enjoy doing for fun or to find the time to do those things consistently. Maybe you feel disconnected from others but can’t find the time or courage to reach out. 


All of this adds up. You feel tired, down on yourself, stressed, numb and lonely. You want to make healthy changes, but you aren’t sure where to start. You might worry you’ll feel even more discouraged if you try and aren’t able to maintain the changes you’re trying to make. There are so many evidence-based practices and insights from the world of psychology that can help!

​Feeling Healthy and Hopeful: 

Imagine learning more about behaviors that contribute to health. You develop a better understanding of how diet, exercise, and sleep impact your mood, and you come to appreciate the importance of relaxation, play, learning, and connection on your overall well-being. 


Not only do you learn more about these behaviors, how much is recommended and why, you learn about your unique obstacles to change. Most of us know what we “should do,”but getting there is another story. There are often emotional, relational, and environmental obstacles that prevent us from making and maintaining healthy changes. 


Finally, imagine learning skills to prevent or better address the things that prevent you from change. You’re clearer about and more confident in your ability to reach your goals. You feel energized, calmer, and more connected with yourself and others. You feel excited and hopeful about the future! 

About this Group:

This group, which is founded on the principles of Lifestyle Medicine and Positive Psychology, helps participants identify healthy behavioral changes they would like to make to support their overall wellbeing. The group is educational, somewhat structured, and skills-based. Participants are encouraged to clarify goals and they’re helped to develop strategies to improve their chances of success. 



  • Learn about Lifestyle Medicine and Positive Psychology

  • Identify behaviors that contribute to overall wellbeing

  • Identify strategies and coping skills to start and sustain healthy behaviors

  • Connect with others who share similar goals

  • Feel like your best self


  • When: Thursdays from 12:15 pm to 1:30 pm. 

  • Where: Virtual in most states or in-person in Marietta, Georgia

  • Group Leader: Robin Casey, PsyD

  • Commitment: To ensure group members have the opportunity to learn about the many behaviors and skills discussed in this group, a two month commitment is required.

Get Started Today: 

1. Schedule a 20 minute initial phone consultation with Dr. Casey ($25.00) 



2. After your phone consultation, you'll schedule your psychological assessment and orientation to group therapy  ($125.00)

3. You're ready to start group  and begin getting to know your fellow group members! ($75.00 per session)


For questions, please call 470-308-6119 or email


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