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Primary & Specialty Care Consultation

We believe in treating the whole person and we understand that physical health and mental health are inseparable. During our careers we have each provided  consultative services to primary and specialty care physicians and valued that work. Unfortunately integrative care is often only available at large healthcare organizations (if that). We are happy to provide consultative services to independently owned healthcare practices in the metro-Atlanta area.

Peer Consultation

We specialize in the treatment of substance use disorders and eating disorders, and we’re happy to offer consultation to mental health professionals seeking short-term guidance in these practice areas.

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Family Consultation

It can be challenging when a loved one is in distress and you aren’t sure what kind of support they need or where to find it. We can talk knowledgeably with families about different levels of care (outpatient vs residential) as well as organizations in the metro-Atlanta area that provide specialized treatment for various presenting concerns. Please keep in mind that we offer individual therapy for partners and family members who are understandably experiencing their own distress about a loved one’s mental health. Caretakers need caring for too.

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