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Group Therapy

We are Pro Group Therapy!

Group therapy is  a transformative experience. It's true that individual therapy is intimate and therefore powerful. What many people don’t realize is that intimacy is amplified, not diminished, in a group setting. It's inspiring to see people growing together and helping one another step more fully into their own lives.

Our Experience

​We have a ton of experience leading groups. We realize that “a ton” isn’t an official quantity, but it’s the best way to describe our experience in this area. We’ve also had the pleasure of leading groups together and seeing one another’s work (which, if you think about it, isn't that common for therapists). Working together in this way has strengthened our appreciation for group therapy as well as our regard for one another as psychologists.

Benefits of Group Therapy

  • Group members are reminded that they aren’t alone in their experience of depression, anxiety, stress, isolation, confusion, longing, and desire for change.  However they feel and whatever they’re experiencing, they know firsthand they aren’t alone. 

  • Group members get to practice, in a safe space, listening to and expressing themselves honestly with others. Group therapy helps group members learn more about their interpersonal style, how others perceive and feel around them, and what internal variables (anxiety, fear) might prevent them from interacting with others more assertively or authentically. The insight and practice that group therapy provides adds up to powerful changes within each person and within their most significant relationships.

  • Group members get to experience themselves as powerful agents of change in the lives of their fellow group members. In time, they feel more confident applying the wisdom they offer to others within their own lives. Group members, in helping others, hear themselves and remember who they are. 

  • It’s a more cost effective way to participate in longer-term therapy. That’s powerful too!

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