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Going Mad
A Reading Club focused on Mental Health, inspired by Alice in Wonderland!

Image by Drew Beamer

And welcome to the Reading Club!

My name is Robin Casey, and I'm a licensed psychologist in Marietta, Georgia. I recently started "Going Mad," which is a reading club focused on mental health and inspired by Alice in Wonderland! I started this group out of a desire to destigmatize conversations about mental health, take back some of the language associated with psychological distress, offer a way for people to learn about free resources related to mental health, promote joy, and foster meaningful connections. Whew. Some of these aspirations feel daunting. That being said, I relate to Alice in that "sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast." 

​So what is a mental health reading club? Well, it's kind of like a book club, but a little different. We get together once a month at various coffee shops to talk about writings related to mental health. There are no assigned readings. Instead, everyone is invited to bring something they’re reading (or read once upon a time) that relates to mental health. It could be a non-fiction book, a novel, a short story, or a collection of poems. It could be a recent journal article you stumbled upon and found helpful. Almost any written work relates to mental health, so you're welcome to bring whatever feels meaningful to you. This is a way for people to get to know one another and see a glimpse into someone else's story. Everyone has a story. 

My hope is that when we get together we talk about the reading material we brought - what we like about it and how it's been helpful.  While not intended to offer psychological advice or replace therapy, I'm happy to talk with anyone about books, mental health apps, and other free resources that might be helpful during a difficult chapter of life. If you're not in the mood to talk, that's okay too. There are quiet spaces to read if that's what you're in the mood to do. Coffee and some form of chocolate is always present.

​I hope you'll join us for a meeting! It would be nice to connect with you, chat about books, and do some good. So what do you say? Let’s “Get Mad" together. 

Happy reading, 


Our Next Meeting

Day: TBD

Time: In the Works

Location: Somewhere with coffee

"Have I gone mad?," asked the Mad Hatter sadly.

​"I'm afraid so," said Alice. "You're entirely bonkers.

But shall I tell you a secret? All the best people are."

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