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Welcome to Spring ! 

You’re searching for a new path. Knowingly or unknowingly you’ve been searching for a while. Perhaps you’re not sure what you’re searching for, but you know you don’t feel like yourself these days. You feel lost, stuck, and overwhelmed, and the way you’re feeling is taking a toll on important areas of your life. Perhaps others have expressed concern about you. Perhaps you’re quietly struggling and no one’s the wiser. Either way, you’re not alone and we’re here to help. 


If you’re anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed, you’d like to slow down and see the path you’re on more clearly. You long to take a deep breath and notice the beauty around you. You’d like to adapt to bumps in the road with calmness and grace. If you’re lost, depressed, or stuck, you may be searching for a clearing. You might sense that it’s time for new ground but feel uneasy about taking the next step. On the other hand, you may feel unsteady within yourself and your relationships and find yourself searching for a path home. 


Whatever it is you long for, we want you to know we take your search seriously and we can help. We specialize in integrative therapy, which is another way of saying we know when and how to use a variety of therapeutic approaches based on your unique story and hopes for therapy. We adhere to the wisdom of renowned psychologist Irvin Yalom who encourages therapists to “create a new therapy for each client.” While our approach to therapy is integrative, its foundation is insight-oriented. We work with clients who feel called to understand themselves more fully - where they come from, how their past shapes their present, and where they long to be in the near and distant future. 


We emphasize insight in our approach to therapy because we believe listening to and learning about one’s self is ultimately the surest route to strengthening relationships, cultivating the courage and confidence to pursue authentic goals, and developing skills to improve mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Beyond these important and practical benefits, we believe listening to and learning about ourselves is a worthwhile endeavor in and of itself. Unearthing and listening to your thoughts, feelings, hopes, and desires - and taking them seriously - is a way to honor and demonstrate care for yourself. It’s true that therapy can help you reach important goals. It’s also true that good therapy is more than a means to an end. Good therapy is an experience, often a life changing one. 


We know it’s difficult to know when and where to start. This can be especially true when you’re not sure where you’re headed or where you’d like to go. That’s okay. You don’t have to know the answers to these questions to start walking. When you’re ready, we welcome the opportunity to accompany you on your journey. 


“The path won’t emerge until you start walking.” ~Rumi

What to Expect

Clients come to us when they’re anxious, depressed, having relationship problems, struggling with addiction, trying to improve their physical health, trying to make peace with early life experiences, and considering important life changes. Over the course of therapy, our clients report feeling calmer and more secure within themselves, better able to navigate and deepen relationships, and clearer about their values, goals, and how to pursue them.

hand holding pink flower


Learn to compassionately recognize and cope with challenging emotions.

pink flowers blooming


Improve your relationships and deepen your connections with loved ones.

flowers in snow


Feel empowered and more confident in your ability to achieve your dreams and goals.

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