Do you offer a sliding scale? 


Yes. We offer a sliding scale to a percentage of our clients. We try to strike a balance between knowing the value of our work and honoring the needs of others. 

In terms of value, we believe the work we do benefits the lives of others. We’re not trying to be dramatic or egotistical, but therapy has the potential to save relationships, careers, and lives. We’re of the mindset that therapy is as valuable as other services people invest in for personal happiness, enjoyment, and growth. 

In terms of honoring the needs of others, we genuinely care or we wouldn’t be able to sustain careers as psychologists. We offer a sliding scale to a percentage of our caseload to help clients who wouldn’t be able to afford therapy otherwise. We try to focus our sliding scale work in the area of addiction. We do this for a few reasons - there’s a substance abuse crisis in our country, addiction is one of the most life-threatening mental health issues a person can have, and unfortunately few therapists have training and experience in this area. Of course there are exceptions, but we believe addiction is where our sliding scale is needed most. 

To schedule a consultation, simply complete the form below. Please feel free to indicate if you are interested in learning more about our availability for sliding scale therapy for substance use disorders.